Kitni, A New Kosher For Passover Brand, Unveiled For First Time

Newark, NJ (February, 2014) – America’s #1 Kosher food brand, Manischewitz®, continues to redefine Kosher cuisine and announces an array of tasty, new items to its ever-expanding product line! Set to hit shelves soon for Passover 2014, these new products include macaroons, cookies, granola, and even a Kosher for Passover chicken broth. Manischewitz also proudly announces a new Kosher for Passover brand called Kitni, which caters to Sephardic tradition that permits the consumption of Kitniyot at Passover. Kitniyot includes legumes, corn, peas, soy, rice, and lentils.

Manischewitz also understands the desire for “Healthier-for-You” choices, so look for the Manischewitz Health and Wellness Icon and see how many items are all-natural, gluten-free, a good source of fiber, low sodium, sulfite-free, and contain no MSG or artificial preservatives!

New Kosher for Passover Products Include:

Passover will be more delicious than ever this year with two new desserts from Manischewitz – Coconut Crisp Cookies and Pistachio Orange Macaroons! The Coconut Crisp Cookies are mouthwatering with a homemade taste just like Grandma used to make. The Pistachio Orange Macaroons are hard to resist with a crunchy Pistachio texture and tangy citrus taste that creates a unique and scrumptious holiday treat for everyone at the Seder. Even better, the Pistachio Orange Macaroons, along with the rest of the Manischewitz Macaroon line, are Certified Gluten-Free! The SRP for the cookies is $4.99 and macaroons are $5.99.

Also new and exciting for Passover is new Manischewitz Almond Pecan Granola! Start your day off right with our new Matzo Granola Cereal! The Almond Pecan Granola is a crunchy, bite-sized blend of whole grain wheat matzo, hearty almonds, pecans, luscious cranberries and is lightly sweetened with coconut for a delicious wholesome taste that is great for breakfast or a snack. The SRP for new Almond Pecan Granola is $4.99.

Manischewitz is proud to announce that their famous Chicken Broth is now Kosher for Passover! This key cooking ingredient will make all your favorite Passover recipes really stand out. In addition to being a great tasting, high quality product, the Chicken Broth is All-Natural and Gluten-Free. The SRP for the Chicken Broth, available in a 1 qt carton, is $2.99.

New from Mishpacha, “The Family Brand,” line of snacks from Manischewitz is Almond Macaroons. This new flavor joins the other Mishpacha Macaroon assortment which includes Chocolate Chip, Chocolate and Coconut. All the delicious Mishpacha Macaroon flavors are Gluten, Cholesterol and Sulfite Free. The SRP for new Almond Macaroons is $3.99.

Introducing Kitni, a New Kosher For Passover Brand by Manischewitz:

Kitni is a unique product line catering to the Sephardic tradition that permits Kitniyot, a category of food that contains legumes, corn, peas, soy, rice and lentils. The new line of products includes canned corn and chickpeas, popcorn and rice cakes, peanut butter, Tahini, lentils, rice mix, and Mediterranean rice mix. Look for Kitni at select retailers:

  • Fairway Market
  • Price Chopper
  • Acme
  • Schnucks
  • Jewel
  • Winn Dixie
  • Stop & Shop
  • Pathmark
  • Wegmans
  • Waldbaums
  • Giant

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